Course Overview

SCHEDULE UPDATE: Joy2Learn’s six session online professional development course, Bringing Joy to Learning Through Creativity, is rescheduled for September 28 – November 2, with the online Orientation (course welcome and log-in) available beginning September 21. We hope you can join us for the next course offering.

Bringing Joy to Learning Through CreativityCreativity, one of the “4 Cs”, can seem like an aspirational, yet elusive skill to teach students, and its importance for teaching in the content areas is often underestimated. Looking to professional artists to understand what they do, how they think, and their processes—no matter what their passion is—can help educators develop a deeper understanding of creativity and how it can support their teaching. How do artists express their creativity? What is creativity? How has creativity led to advances in specific content areas such as math, science, history, and language arts?

What can we learn from the arts about how to access our own creativity? In this course, teachers will explore creativity and how the creative process works, as they develop their own creative thinking and strategies to nurture their students’ creativity to support learning. Through an exploration of Joy2Learn artists, teachers will learn how to promote creativity in their classrooms, and deepen their understanding of creativity as a skill that can be developed and used across all of the disciplines. As a culminating activity, teachers will develop a creativity focused classroom project, based on what they learn in the course and aligned to classroom curriculum and student learning goals, that can be immediately implemented with their students.

Course Sessions

  • What is Creativity and Why Does it Matter?
  • Thinking Creatively
  • Creativity is for Everyone
  • Creativity Across the Disciplines
  • Can You Teach to the Standards and Promote Creativity? Yes!
  • Infusing Creativity in My Classroom

Course Structure

  • Fully online, 30-hour, asynchronous course, with active facilitation by a trained online instructor (i.e. participants work at their own pace in each session, guided by a facilitator who moves participants as a group through each online session).
  • 6 sessions, each including online readings and videos, classroom based activities, interactive online discussions, technology, and other process skills that teachers will try out in the course and then apply with their students.

Course Facilitators

This course is facilitated by Barbara Treacy, Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Myriam Steinback, former Director, Investigations Online Workshops.

CTLE Credit and Certificate of Completion

This course is available for 30 hours of CTLE or professional learning credits

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