White Paper

Joy2Learn Foundation (Winter 2017)

The Joy2Learn Foundation is focused on and committed to the integration of all facets of the Arts into the classroom, grades K-12, with the purpose of enhancing and complementing the education process. The Foundation creates web-based arts education material of the highest quality for students where arts education and discipline foster creative thinking and aid in the comprehension and retention of the core curriculum, such as English, social studies, history and math. Furthermore, a strong program that incorporates and integrates the arts into the curriculum can raise school attendance and improve test scores.

Accordingly, the Joy2Learn Foundation enlists world-renowned artists to present their work in unique and compelling ways that can inspire both teachers and their students. These e-Presentations are captured on videos, which are available on the www.Joy2Learn.org website. Teachers find new approaches to their standard curricula using the lesson plans and video presentation that are available on the site. And, students discover the joy of learning when the arts spur their engagement.

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