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About Joy2Learn

Our Board of Directors

In 1986, Roger Duncan, Alan Gampel and Dr. William Teaford created
a non­profit organization to raise scholarship funds to support talented 
young artists and musicians. By 2000, that original vision was transformed
from supporting a few young artists into the Joy2Learn Foundation,
whose mission is to improve public education by creating and providing 
high­ quality arts content to schools free of charge, via a series of Internet
based presentations, using live video and other multimedia elements in an
engaging interactive format.

Each e­Presentation is comprised of video clips of the artist who
introduces his or her art form, discusses its history, background
and specificity, presents personal insights, and performs or
demonstrates. The e­Presentations are supported by interactive
multi­media materials such as pictures, maps, text and quiz games.

The Joy2Learn e­Presentations were designed specifically for use in 
the area of the arts, but they are also useful to illustrate and reinforce 
basic reading and writing skills and the study of social studies,
math, science, and English language arts. They are appropriate for
elementary, middle and high school. Each e­Presentation is
accompanied by extensive teacher material including lesson plans,
which are designed to support state curriculum standards.

The practical use of the Joy2Learn ePresentations is easy and
flexible. They are for students working individually in a
computer lab, in a classroom with only one or several computers, or
by a teacher with an overhead projector.

The George Lucas Foundation featured Joy2Learn in a
documentary that was presented to the United States Congress to
demonstrate how technology and the Internet are transforming

Joy2Learn has received financial support from the California
Department of Education, the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford
Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, Mattel Corporation, AT&T
Foundation and other non­profit foundations. In 2005, Joy2Learn
received a substantial grant from the United States Department of

Recent partnerships include the Kennedy Center and their
ArtsEdge website and Lesley University, which offers a course for
K-­12 teachers on integrating the arts and creativity into classrooms
based on the Joy2Learn presentations.

A new Joy2Learn presentation featuring Frank Gehry on
Architecture will be available soon!